Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NATURE PAINTINGS:Veh-tik-vah(And a hope) ;it's a whisper spoken to the sidewalk from the Nature series,15 artworks sizes,6"x9",acrylic and watercolor on arches paper,15-sizes, 9"x12", 15 6"x4",makes a total of 45 artworks

the air was tobacco sweet,11x14,mixed on paper

a small cloud of vapor oozes out,4x6,mixed on paper

and the free wind all around,4x6,mixed on paper

rain washed stars,4x6,mixed on paper

a dark and troubling corner of the world

intoxicating fragrance to the air

the sun's warmth feels like a soothing balm

sun pokes through a cloud

in the chill and stillness of the moment

like a cloud blocking the sun

your purple anger

the air has a slight burnt smell

the pink behind the darkness

my sun,moon and stars

the prediction of wind

the night the bombs sprayed smoke

mellow pink clouds outside

the sky is a collage of pink and gray

as far away from myself if I can

gentle weeping of the sky

soaking up the warmth

The wind is ferocious

snowbanks sculpted like dunes by the wind

the landscape all white

under a red-orange sky

not quite healed scars

it's a whisper spoken to the sidewalk